Life is a Gift of Lessons

To see the rainbow, enjoy the rain first.

Im officially 38 year old in 3 day time. Cool number ya? 😉

That’s my 3 awesome kids in the picture. Well, I was officially divorced from a 12 year marriage on 14 Feb 2018, Valentine Day. Feel double sad? Yea definitely sad on such a special day. Im just a human who has feelings.

Looking back

2 years ago, I went through hell. J cheated and took my money, left home, abandoned me and 3 kids. I fell into depression and had thoughts of killing myself. My weight drastically dropped from 49kg to 38kg. Coz of 3 young kids, I struggled to keep myself alive to take care their daily needs single-handedly. Every night, I was crying to sleep.

I went around ask J’s friends for answers why he left us in such a irresponsible way. Noone really bothered to help me as they didnt want get involved. Except for J’s best friend, Ryan, Joanna and Danny.

Today the ME

Ryan, Joanna and Danny are now my best brothers and sister. They stood by me and spoke up for me when I got bullied by J and his woman C throughout the 2 years.

Aside to these 3 buddies, I also received unconditional encouragement and support from my parents, my sisters, my ex mum in law and her relatives, my friends, my colleagues and bosses. Im thankful and blessful to have all these kind hearted, righteous people in my life.

Today I put on a healthy weight of 42kg and living happily with my 3 kids.

If not for these angels in my life, I wont be here continuing my role as a mother and father to my 3 beautiful kids.

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